Kyoko Kirigiri: I honestly think she can go 50, 50. Her forbidden action to her seems to be a major handicap to her reaction, however since we don't know it, we can't say for sure. Also her and Makoto's friends being attacked isn't exactly helping her. Will her plot armor survive? 

Makoto Naegi: He's living. There is a sliver of 5%. But plot armor. Enough said.

Aoi Asahina: I think she's mostly going to live because I don't think they are gonna pull that prank shit again, however part of me thinks that it's a red hairing to think that they arent gonna  pull that off again when really, they are.

Hagakure: He's fucking living because of that goddamn plot armor and that fact that he isn't in the killing game. I honestly am "Meh" about him, could care  less but neutral for now.

Kyosuke Munakata: Something tells me that his actions are gonna make himsel get killed. And not by the attacker but by the mastermind for some reason.

Koichi Kizakura: In my opinoin he has alot of death flags, he's being really secretive and seems as if he's trying to play it cool.

Seiko Kimura: I think that Seiko's drugs will ware off sooner or later and she will get knocked out and tied up possibly, unless her drugs go on for like more than a quater than the eopisodes left, I think she might die because of her situation unless she gets passed out from the drug effect or gets outrun by Ruruka and Co., I think that she actually might have a chance of living since she isolates herself most of the time we know before she went hulk mode, unless the bitch really  wants revenge and chase that candy slut down.

Juzo Sakakura: I actually think he might survive, I think he'll see Munakata die and be like "Oh shit I better lay low" and actually be smart about things, but he also has a fair chance of dying as well.

Miaya Gekkogahara: The bitch is dying. It's a robot and controlled by Monaca and thats an obvious death flag that she'll die at the end.  

Ruruka Ando: Ruruka, the candy slut. She's dying. I think that either she'll be incompasitated by Seiko and killed by the attacker or accidently be killed by Sonosuke trying to fend off Seiko. Either way, she has a slim chance of living.

Izayoi: I think the anime is gonna bite Ruruka's ass by killing him for plot development. I mean he was kinda hot but not really so not my problem.

Royta Mitarai: I'm honestly really worried about him. The people who die seem to be very close around Naegi, which makes me think that Miaya is the attacker, but her ass got knocked out, and Ryota is with Kirigiri. But I feel like Ryota  in the future will be with  Naegi a lot and has some chances of death.