This one is special only oc's from but only these specific oc's are allowed to appear oh and after conversations a day will pass

Yari (But she can only talk to takeru) and they can only talk at the fountain (they are freinds in this rp)

Ine (But only at certain times to butt inbetween shinobu and katsumi while they fight)

Nanami (only at certain times)

Takeru (the story will follow him)

Shinobu (it will also follow her)

and katsumi (and her)

A new girl has joined takeru's class Katsumi is her name 

"I don't know why I have been put in with trash like you but oh well it's nice to meet you I'm Katsumi Aoi" fighting will begin between katsumi and shinobu and in the end they both end up mysteriously dying and no one knows why so takeru goes to investigate the rp starts the day that katsumi joined into the class


No onscreen killing

Only 2 characters are allowed to kill shinobu and nanami

You can only kill one person and that person has to be either katsumi or shinobu

Have fun 

thats all