It's basically self explainatory, everything is all happy-go-lucky when somebody who ruins everything kills a victim that is oh-such-nice.



No Mary-sues or Gary-stus

Original characters are allowed

No powerplaying

No unlogical attacks like: "oh but i saw a cupcake nearby and so-and-so likes to eat muffins!" unless you play as a stupid character.

4 characters only

Just basically every rule on a roleplay.



Kaisa Sakura - Ultimate Violinist - Female

Akira Karuza - Ultimate Gardener - Female

Megami Saikou - Ultimate Heiress - Female

Asuka Karuza - Ultimate Socialist - Female


Agnieszka Waters (Agnes) - Ultimate Writer - Agender

Ava Akintola - Ultimate Pianist - Female

Aya Martinez - Ultimate Detective - Agender

Mika Kazuyoshi - Ultimate Trap - Male


Haru Kahe - Lucky student and hope - Female

Takeshi Tanaka - Ultimate Engineer - Male

Kaoru Shirusaki - Ultimate Spy - Male

Ichigo Nari - Ultimate Foodie - Female


Everybody - Alive