Byukku FuwaFuwa is an OC made by Jacbocford he owns the title of the Ultimate Animator(?)


At an early age. Byukku well simply got bored. His parents had this Animating program called MikuMikuDance. He started playing around with it and got some nice smooth Animations. He started to use other programs. Most of his Animations are based off peoples movements.


He has brown matching eyes and hair. He has a longish curly hairstyle. He mostly ties it up into a ponytail, he is described as "cute" and well has a baby face. He is usually seen wearing his lucky blue hoodie.


  • Byukku was originally going to be a female. With a Gumi faceclaim. However Jac dropped the idea and decided he'll use the faceclaim for his next OC with a more suitable name related to her talent.
  • He is mostly based on Jacbocford.
  • Byukku has a hardcore rape fetish.
  • He was planned to be a crossdresser. However this idea was scraped.