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Rei Takeuchi (武内 霊 Takeuchi Rei) is a non-canon character on this wiki.

Rei holds the title of Ultimate Tailor.

Appearance Edit

Rei has an extremely feminine appearance, most considering him a trap. He usually wears a purple wig over his thick, black hair although he has other wigs he enjoys to wear as well. His wig usually is put into two curly pigtails kept together by two frilly hairties. On top of his head he wears a headband with a bow over it, which reminds some of a rabbit. To add, he wears an eyepatch on his left eye just for decoration.

He is a little short for a male his age, standing at 5'4 (162.56 cm) and he weighs an average weight of 121 lbs (54.88 kg.) His body is very feminine, his shoulders being very small and his hips being a little bit big for a male. His skin tone is fair, since he doesn't spend too much time outside. In addition, bandages are wrapped around both of his arms due to a burn he got from a fire he caused.

Rei enjoys lolita styles, mainly kuro, guro, and gothic styles, along with any frilly dress he sees. His usual outfit however is a frilly dress with an apron over it, his legs being covered with white stockings.

Personality Edit

Rei appears proper upon first meeting him, curtsying while greeting people and keeping a nice posture. He also uses proper manners, makes sure to be polite, and tends to compliment whoever he talks to. This only lasts briefly however, due to who he is after you get to know him.

Rei does keep most of his proper appearance, but the words that come out of his mouth change. He tends to be snarky and unafraid to say dark, perverted, or overall rude things. This makes many uncomfortable around him, and this gives him a bad reputation.