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Ryoba Munakata was always bullied for being the stereotypical 'art nerd' at middle school. Her brother was never there to protect her, always having to attend student council meetings. So, she turned to art. Every free moment of her life was spent painting beautiful artworks to rival the Mona Lisa. Eventually, she became world-famous because of her art. Inevitably, she landed herself a place at Hope's Peak academy.

Appearance Edit

Ryoba's hair is black and is pulled into two twintails that reach her hips. Her eyes are almond-shaped and dark grey. She wears a white blouse with a knee-length skirt of the same color. Under her skirt, she has black stockings and black boots with white laces that reach her shins.

Personality Edit

If you didn't know her very well, you'd think she was a split personality. Sometimes, she's serious and almost never speaks. Other times, she's very sweet and gentle, but this only happens when she's around people she knows and trusts, such as her brother, Chisa Yukizome, Juzo Sakakura, and Seiko Kimura. At the same time, she can be cold and unforgiving, showing no remorse for hurting anyone who enrages her.

Relationships Edit

Kyosuke Munakata Edit

She loves and cherishes her older brother, and the feeling is mutual. She mentions that the times he smiles the most is when he's around her. When Ryoba was murdered, it is shown that her brother was deeply affected by her death and attempted to avenge her.

Seiko Kimura Edit

Seiko is her best friend, and they spend a lot of time together. It is implied that she was enraged when Seiko was betrayed by Ruruka, which is part of the reason Ryoba hates Ruruka so deeply.

Quotes Edit

"Death, despair, destruction....they're all synonymous in our case, no?"

"Listen, I don't think that's true. Hope isn't power, it'a believing in yourself and others around you."

"Hey, calm down."


"oh no...."

"Thanks, Seiko."


Trivia Edit

The name Ryoba actually means "double-edged blade". This is a reference to Ryoba's two "sides" of her personality.