Sayu Haragami ( 腹が見 粧裕, Haragami Sayu) is a character created by Electrosan10 Danganronpa. Its title is Ultimate Gardener


Sayu has blue hair a, is a little short. Their dress is the same as that of a gardener: A red boots, a shirt short sleeve blue and white stripes, a blue jeans. It is a high figure, measuring 1.90 centimeters. Usually the character is very dirty, probably because most of their time is spent caring for plants.


She is a girl with a childlike, naive and honest attitude. Usually spends part of his time alone, but also has a sense to help anyone who asked a favor. Therefore, it is a character who likes to be the servant of others.

Sayu proves to be shy about speaking, blushing easily, and even worse when it is close to a male character.


Note: It is not specified whether the person will die or not.Edit

The stage is a field where several signs indicating each planting appear. Sayu's head appears on earth and she begins to move quickly to get out of the earth. Monokuma, dressed as a farmer driving a tractor appears to grind the seed and take their seeds. Sayu, seeing is coming, looking desperately to get his whole body of the earth, without success. As a result, the tractor crushed the head of Sayu (blood coming from the rear of the vehicle) and at the end, Monokuma contains part of the crushed hair Sayu and place it in a small plastic bag with an image of the face of a Sayu smiling and words that says "Seeds Haragami".