Alright, so I'm a pretty big fan of Danganronpa, and immediately after getting into the series, and came here... only to find out it was essentially dead. The creator seems to be gone, and vandals show up from time-to-time. So, I have a few proposals on some things we can do now, if this place stays in the shape it is now.


I'm considering contacting Wikia staff so that I may become an Admin and Bureaucrat here, just to keep this Wiki in tip-top shape. Gamesee has done an excellent job, but simply is not around for the time being. With vandals occasionally popping up, and little defense against them, we need to crack down as soon as humanly possible. The only things we can do from this point on are either 1. Get a hold of Gamesee and bring them back to the Wiki, or 2. I can become a bureaucrat myself and take control for the time being.

Revamping the Wiki

This place is pretty good, but there's still quite a bit that needs fixing. The categories are all over the place, many pages are not categorized properly, and many of the important pages are left blank or short. I feel that a few templates could be in order here, so if I may, I'd love to bring a few of those here.


Let's face it, the badges here aren't very interesting at all. With Danganronpa's wide array of characters, and the massive amount of fan content, there's plenty of opportunity for custom badges. Come on, it's basically a top priority at this point.

Making the wiki User-Only

Back at my old wiki (The Death Battle Fanon Wiki), we cracked down on A Wiki Contributers (Now known as "A Fandom User"), and made them log in before making any edits. In my opinion, this would make this wiki far more productive and user-friendly, and it would allow us to properly give credit to people for their characters and comments.

Final Thoughts

While a Danganronpa Fanon Wiki is a dream come true, right now it needs a lot of work. If any of you have any questions or concerns, by all means let me know. Any feedback is appreciated.