Alright, so after getting into the Danganronpa series and seeing this colorful collection of (some) amazing characters, I've decided to do the only logical thing which tooooootally hasn't been done one million times before and rank them all. So here we go.

Danganronpa 1

16: Hifumi Yamada

Biiiiiiig surprise here, right? Everyone hates Yamada. Honestly, there's not much to really say about this guy that hasn't already been said. He's annoying and useless, he gets tricked too easily by Celest, he's gross and creepy toward Alter Ego, and he reminds us all of that weird weeaboo kid we all knew from middle school. Honestly, he had some kind of funny lines of dialogue, and I think he makes a great satire character for all the weeaboos out there, it's just... I can't even look at this character without feeling a huge amount of utter annoyance, so we're just going to move on before I give myself an aneurysm.

15: Mukuro Ikusaba

Honestly, there's not a whole lot I can say about Mukuro. I like her waaaaaaaaayyyyyy more than Hifumi, but... really, there's not a whole lot to go off of for her. I definitely believe she deserved way better, but I just don't think we got quite enough time with her for me to truly form a real opinion on her.

14: Sakura Oogami

Okay, I know I'm going to get a little bit of flak for placing Sakura so low. But truth be told? Sakura is kind of just a little fish in a big pond (kind of an ironic cliche to use for someone like Sakura). She definitely had enough time to grow on the audience (unlike Mukuro) and wasn't completely unlikable and annoying (unlike Hifumi), it's just... in this cast full of other absolutely fantastic characters, Sakura doesn't quite stick out to me as some of the others. I adore her friendship with Aoi, and I thought she deserved so much better than what she got, it's just... I guess I never grew on her quite the same way I grew on the others. Though I will say that having a lady muscle character is pretty awesome. Eat your heart out, Zarya. Sakura Oogami was doing it years before you were even created.

13: Kiyotaka Ishimaru

I'm really, really sorry for putting Kiyotaka so low on this list. From the beginning, he had a really colorful and enjoyable personality, and seeing his friendship with Mondo was pretty fantastic. The way he really tried to keep everyone else in high spirits and prevent anyone from dying was incredibly noble as well, even if he didn't quite succeed in that regard. Honestly, he would probably be much higher if it weren't for his transformation into Kiyondo. I mean, it wasn't bad, it just... made little sense from a story perspective. Not to mention that he barely got any real time as Kiyondo. It's really telling when the cast has a bigger reaction to seeing Celest and even Hifumi getting attacked than seeing him killed unceremoniously.

12: Mondo Oowada

Gotta be honest, I feel really sorry for this guy. He definitely had one of the most sensitive secrets of anyone in the cast, and it's clear he felt bad for everything he did. His friendship with Kiyotaka was also quite incredible to witness. Honestly, this guy would be higher, it's just... like I said, there's so many fantastic characters in Danganronpa, and it's tough for me to put Mondo any higher on this list, even if I want to.

11: Toko Fukawa/Genocider Syo

I honestly really like Toko quite a bit. Despite her in-universe status as an Abhorrent Admirer, and the fact that the game seems to see her as an ugly, gross girl, I always thought she was actually really cute. Must be the glasses, I have a real weakness to glasses. I also may relate to the fact that she's a writer, like I am. Also, I have to say that if I was counting Genocider Syo as her own character separate from Toko, I would almost undoubtedly place her higher on this list. Syo was just awesome to witness, and it's honestly kind of hilarious that a legitimate serial killer didn't murder anyone in the Killing School Life. Really, what keeps Fukawa from going higher on this list is her obsession with Togami. It's just... really off-putting and kind of creepy, though it's never way too much at any given moment.

10: Celestia Ludenberg

Gotta be honest, as far as character design goes, Celestia is easily in my Top 5. I have a massive weakness for lolita fashion in general, and the drills are just the icing on the cake. I mean, there's also the fact that I am just a sucker for dark black hair too. Now, aesthetics aside, Celestia is a really interesting character, even if she's one of the more villainous characters in the series. Her gambling motifs are interesting to watch, as well as her tendency to take big chances. My only real gripe with Celestia is that, well... her selling point, the Queen of Liars, was completely wasted during her trial. I mean, come on - she could have at least tried to sound convincing when lying about her name. I know a lot of people don't really like Celestia because of the terrible things she does, and for being one of the few characters who really kind of deserved what she got, but I'll always really like her for the reasons I mentioned above.

I still like 9 more characters more, though.

9: Chihiro Fujisaki

Poor, poor Chihiro. I really don't think there's anyone in the first Danganronpa game that got it worse than he did, except maybe Leon, Kyouko, or Naegi. I loved how he grew to be confident because he preferred wearing women's clothing, and he was overall just one of the nicest and most precious characters in the game. I don't think there's a whole lot more I can say, besides the fact that I really think Chihiro deserved so, so much better. I will say that I do my best to avoid discussions about this character, though - and the reason is because there's still a rather large portion of the fandom that thinks Chihiro is a trans girl, even though it's pretty clear he identifies as a boy and just likes to wear women's clothing.

8: Yasuhiro Hagakure

I'm a little mixed on Yasuhiro, truth be told. He didn't leave the biggest first impression on me, and I thought he would end up being the first killer because of his shattered crystal ball during the investigation. I wouldn't have missed him too much if he had died then, but as the game went on, he started to grow on me a bit. I always kind of thought he would end up dying at one point or another, but part of me kind of hoped he would survive, just because he was a total underdog in all this, constantly being framed for murders and seeming to have a completely useless talent. However, really is a nice guy and is really someone I'd like to hang out with (and grab a drink with, if you know what I'm sayin'). I used to kinda wish he would die, but... now I'm glad he survived. He really made the group of survivors shine, kind of like a calmer, male version of Aoi.

7: Byakuya Togami

Truth be told, I'm not a fan of this guy. I honestly found him to be completely unlikable and even a little disgusting in the second investigation (desecrating Chihiro's corpse and all), but honestly? That's part of what makes this character so interesting. Every group of characters needs someone like Togami. The devil's advocate, the deviant, the one who dares question what kind of lame power friendship is. I know a lot of fangirls like Togami just because of his appearance, so I guess its just kind of a similar situation with myself and Celestia. But really, Togami was a character who was absolutely necessary to this series, regardless of how completely unlikable he is. The best part of it is, he really did get better, even if he doesn't like to show it.

6: Sayaka Maizono

I don't think I'm alone when I say that I thought Sayaka would end up being one of the most important characters in the Danganronpa game, taking a secondary lead role sort of like what Kyouko ended up doing. But in the end, what needs to be said about Sayaka? She's super cute, she just wants to go back home, and she has lots of potential for shipping. I mean, I've seen Makoto x Sayaka, Kyouko x Sayaka (which is not the first yuri ship I've seen that ships a character named Kyoko with a character named Sayaka... Any Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans here?), and Leon x Sayaka, which makes a little bit more sense than it would seem at first. Overall, Sayaka left one hell of an impression on me, even if she died first. And that's way more than I can say about many of the other characters here.

5: Leon Kuwata

Okay, this guy is just awesome. He's one of the coolest and most expressive characters in the entire series, and much like Chihiro, Mondo, and Kyouko, he just deserved much, much better. I always sympathize with him and wanting something different out of life, wishing he was a musician rather than an athlete. He seems like a really nice and fun guy in general, and he just had so much potential. Also, his execution... that was just brutal. No one should have to endure something like that, let alone someone like Leon. Honestly, I'm so glad for spinoffs, because this is a character who we really need way more of. Not to mention that his ship with Sayaka is adorable, and I really do think the two of them would make a great pair, even if... yeah.

4: Aoi Asahina

Let me just ask one question: How can anyone not love Asahina?! She is one of the absolute cutest and sweetest characters in the entire series. She's just so bubbly and energetic that every time I look at her, I just want to give her a big hug. Her friendship with Sakura was also adorable and quite heartbreaking with how it turned out, to the point where she felt so bad and so distraught over her death that she was willing to take the fall for it, even if she played no part in her death. Much like Sayaka and Naegi, Aoi has plenty of shipping options, though I've mostly seen her shipped with Sakura and Naegi. Even if Makoto x Aoi isn't quite the most popular ship, you can't deny that it would be a super cute and fitting ship that would make both of them happy. Really, I don't think there's a way you can even think about Aoi without a huge smile plastering across your face. And I think even the writers understood how lovable of a character Asahina was, because they went and made a character extremely similar to her in Danganronpa 2, Akane Owari.

Anyone else want donuts right about now?

3: Makoto Naegi

The funny thing about Naegi is that it never quite occurred to me how much I absolutely loved him during my watch of the first game's Let's Play and the anime. Then when I was really taking the time to think about it, I realized that I adore Naegi! He's one of the nicest and most lovable characters in the entire series, much like what I said about Aoi. His awkwardness and shyness makes him completely adorable, and let's not forget his immense amount of shipping possibilities. Good lord, I've seen people ship him with Togami, Kirigiri, Maizono, Celestia, Junko, Mukuro, Aoi, and even quite a bit of the DR2 and 3 cast! Although if you're going to make Naegi a harem king, you've kind of got your protagonists mixed up... that's Hajime Hinata's role. But really though, how can you not love Naegi? He's just a genuinely nice kid trying to make his way around a school basically rigged against him, especially when his contemporaries are a whole bunch of super-talented Ultimates and he is the most ordinary guy you can think of. But you know, that's what makes him so great. Is he a little generic at times? Sure, but he's supposed to be as ordinary as possible. And him learning to accept that is part of what makes him so fantastic. Also, this is just me, but Naegiri might just be my favorite ship in all of Danganronpa.

We've still got two more to go, though...

2: Kyouko Kirigiri

Kirigiri is really one of the most interesting characters in this entire series. She's a little cold and mysterious, but it's clear that she really cares about her classmates. In addition to having one of my favorite designs in the series (even beating out the aforementioned Celestia), she also has an alluring personality that makes finding out more about her so inviting. I don't think anyone had any doubt in their minds that she was a detective, but there is one thing about her that I always enjoyed - the fact that despite her aloof demeanor, she has one of the most glaring fatal flaws in the entire series - her desire to seek truth. Remember Trial 5, when she completely throws Naegi under the bus in order to pursue finding the truth about Hope's Peak Academy? Yeah, that part tore at my heart a bit, especially because I had been rooting for those two as a couple ever since she consoled him after figuring out the motive behind Sayaka trying to murder Leon. Another thing I liked about her was that she showed more development than arguably any character in the game, going to great lengths to fix what she had started and save Naegi's life. Also, Kyouko wearing a bowl of ramen on her head may be the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

And my absolute favorite character in the first Danganronpa game is...









1: Junko Enoshima

You may be thinking, "What? Junko?! But she's crazy and unlikable! How could you like Junko more than Asahina, more than Naegi, more than Kirigiri, more than Hifumi?!" It's simple - much like I said about Togami earlier, someone like Junko was absolutely necessary to this series. She has my absolute favorite design in the entire series, and her multiple personalities and ridiculous lines of dialogue make her that much more appealing. You just have to appreciate her demented sense of humor as well as all the horrible lengths she will go to in the hopes of inflicting the worst despair upon everyone she knows. Sure, sometimes she may do some absolutely horrible things that leave the rest of us dumbfounded at how such a deplorable human being could even exist, but come on - she's just so great at the things that she does, and so intelligent and gorgeous that even if you hate her guts, she left a remarkable impression on you. Really, it's no wonder that the Ultimate Despairs did all those deplorable things all in Junko's name, because she really is the greatest character in the series. She's not just the queen of despair, she is my queen. Mmm, she can make me despair any time.

Danganronpa 2

16. Nagito Komaeda

Whoo, let's start this off by angering approximately 75% of the fandom. I know that for whatever reason, people absolutely adore this character. And I honestly have zero idea why. I can see why people might sympathize with him for his mental illness and cool appearance, but what does he even have going for him? Not only did he start out trying to literally murder "Byakuya Togami", but he was also completely useless in most of the trials (I'll cut him some slack for Trial 2 on the basis of being tied up during the events of that chapter). There's also the fact that he could not ever decide if he was on Hajime's side or not, and he really felt like someone who simply did not need to be there. His smug demeanor made this all worse. I especially hated how he put down Hajime for being a Reserve Course student, and the bomb threat made it even worse. Worse still, I was forced to hate this character more even in death because of the elaborate means he used to pull it off. And then they really drove it in by making him an important plot point in Chapter 6! Just... I hate this character so much. I honestly hate Nagito even more than I hate Yamada. And that's saying something.

15. Teruteru Hanamura

Is anyone really surprised that Teruteru is this low? In many ways, Teruteru is kind of like the Hifumi of Danganronpa 2 - they tried to make him funny but he really isn't, he has a different body and face shape from most of the other characters, and he is overall gross and creepy. Honestly, Teruteru is still leaps and bounds ahead of Hifumi, though. Teruteru at least has his sympathetic backstory, he has a few lines that are actually kind of funny, he at least goes after human women, and the writers picked just the right time to kill him off. Don't think this means I'm defending Teruteru though - his actions are still really creepy, like the time he knew exactly what underwear Peko was wearing. I mean, I guess it would have made a bit more sense if it was someone like Akane, considering how absurdly short her skirt is, but Peko's skirt is pretty long. That... raises a lot of uncomfortable questions. Questions I really don't need an answer to. I did find his short interaction with Nekomaru to actually be kind of funny, though.

14. Hiyoko Saionji

This really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. I know that Hiyoko isn't really that well-liked in the fandom, mostly because of how rude she is to everyone else, her long streak of sadism, and bawling her eyes out when people point out that she smells bad. To be honest, I was always kind of waiting for Hiyoko to die, or for someone to call her on her bullying. Or really, to show some sort of development whatsoever. Throughout the entire Let's Play, I was getting irritated with her and just kept wondering when she would die out, and was genuinely upset when I saw that Hiyoko wasn't the one who killed Mahiru. But you know what's actually really great about Hiyoko? Her design. Honestly, if she wasn't so aggravating of a character, she would probably be one of the cutest characters in the series, in my opinion. Up there with Asahina and Kirigiri from the last game. Her Free Time events gave me a little bit of sympathy toward her, but even then, it was just too late. All the others had surpassed her in my rankings, which is sad because Hiyoko is a character who, in my opinion, can be sympathetic. I will say that her memorial to Mahiru was actually really cute... as creepy as it was.

13: "Byakuya Togami" (Ultimate Impostor)

Please tell me that I'm not the only person who legitimately thought this was the real Togami at first. But anyway, the Impostor (called "Twogami" or "Fauxgami" in some circles) is... well, I'm kind of mixed on them. Unlike Sayaka from the last game, Twogami didn't really... leave that same impression on me. He was just kinda... "meh" to me. I really did like how he only wanted to keep everyone from dying under his watch, even if he was a little... touchy-feely with the girls. There's also the heartwarming fan interpretation that the reason he died was because he pushed Nagito out of the way to take the hit from Teruteru instead, which is what I choose to believe. It's just... he never left a real lasting impression on me the same way Sayaka did, and I didn't really miss him when he died.

12: Akane Owari

Don't get me wrong, I really like Akane a lot. That's one of the problems with ranking Danganronpa characters - there are simply too many amazing characters in this series, and so even characters I actually really like end up closer to the bottom than to the top. But let's talk about Akane. In my last list, I brought up how she was similar to Asahina. In many ways, she is - they're both dark-skinned, athletic girls who love food, and both of them lost their muscle friends in Chapter 4. The difference is, Aoi is bubbly and energetic, and extremely cute. Akane is pretty attractive herself, but it became pretty clear later on that most of her dialogue was her getting angry, or shameless fanservice. Although I will say that learning about her past of sexual abuse makes her more shameless quotes actually really sad rather than funny. I really do feel sorry for Akane and I believe she deserved better, it's just... she's kind of being overshadowed here. Their attempts to recreate Aoi kind of worked, but Akane will never quite be on Aoi's level to me. Although I will say: The scene in the 5th trial discussing the "Benjamin" had me rolling.

11: Mahiru Koizumi

I know I'm going to get some flak for not putting Mahiru lower on this list. But anyway, you can list off all the reasons people don't like her right now - she's strict with men, she never calls Hiyoko on her bullying, she's too plain in a cast of explosive and colorful characters, etc. - but let me be clear. None of that really bothered me too much. Her strictness with men? Remember that her father was a jerk. Not calling Hiyoko on her bullying? She happened to be the target during that one scene, and Mahiru probably didn't want Hiyoko to grow lonely, as she likely would have without her. Too plain? Hardly! She's the mom friend of the group, and displays subtle tsundere tropes. Her plainness is part of her character. In a cast full of characters who really pop, someone more subtle like Mahiru is necessary. Not to mention, her death. She really did not deserve what she got. I honestly expected her to make it so much farther.

10: Ibuki Mioda

Ah, Ibuki, what do I have to say about you? Starting things off, let me say that Ibuki has one of my favorite designs in the series and some of the best facial expressions I've ever seen, period. Huh, super cool, awesome facial expressions? Maybe I'll start shipping Ibuki with Leon from now on... But anyway, her strong personality, her talent, her dialogue... she's really an awesome character. I will admit that there are a few instances where her character is simply... too much to handle, but that's just fine for someone like her. Oh, and her color scheme. Do you think Ibuki predicted Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino? Sorry, terrible joke. But anyway, her music scene was just hilarious and awesome to watch, and I legitimately felt sorry for her when she died. Like... she really got it bad with the Despair Disease. And Hajime was right - things really were different without Ibuki around.

9: Kazuichi Soda

Another character I really wanted to put higher up, but I just couldn't. He's actually a really fun character I enjoyed having around. Some of his dialogue was legitimately funny and sometimes even kind of heartwarming. His backstory of constantly being bullied and abused as a kid actually made me feel really sorry for him, and it absolutely makes sense for someone like him when you really see the things he does. I know a lot of people don't like him because of his one-sided romance with Sonia, but it gave him a bit of depth. It was also made a little sad when you think about his past and how insecure he is, and how someone like Sonia is exactly what he needs in his life to help him. I also enjoyed his interactions with Hajime, and how the two of them became good friends over the course of the game. Like I've said, in a game with so many amazing characters, it's really difficult to put Kazuichi much higher up there. I know that I was once kind of upset that he survived instead of... some of my other favorites, but much like Yasuhiro from the last game, Kazuichi really grew on me, and now I'm glad he survived.

8: Mikan Tsumiki

Oh, this poor girl. I can't remember a single point in this game where she appeared on screen and I didn't feel extremely bad for her. Her fanservice scenes honestly were a bit harder to laugh at than Akane's, mostly because it's implied from the very beginning that she's in distress during each one, and finding out about her past makes it all worse. To be honest, she gained entirely new levels of depth during her trial, when she finally put down the nervous nurse act and started to take control for herself. Part of me wondered how someone like her could ever kill anyone, but after all the teasing from Hiyoko, as well as the Despair Disease, it all made sense. Also, her scenes where she is lying on top of Hajime are some of the most hilarious scenes in the entire game, at least in my opinion. Also, can we talk about the fact that she is in love with best girl Junko? That's bonus points right there.

...Junko is mine, Mikan.

7: Nekomaru Nidai

Okay, can someone please tell me why this guy isn't more popular?! I mean, I guess it all makes sense when you think about just how many characters are in this series, but come on! Nekomaru has one of the most explosive and outlandish personalities and appearances in the entire game! His appearance and dialogue remind me out of something that came straight out of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I just love how he is so incredibly passionate about everything he talks about in the game, and his interactions with Akane are actually really sweet. Honestly, it's one of the best and healthiest ships in the entire game, just because the two have so much chemistry with each other. It was also incredibly heartwarming when Nekomaru took that shot for Akane, and just awesome when he came back as a robot! I was genuinely upset when he died as well, because it felt like we just got him back, and now he was gone. At least now he lives on as Minimaru.

6: Peko Pekoyama

Remember how I mentioned that I absolutely love glasses? As much as I like circular glasses (like Toko Fukawa's), my real weakness comes from rectangular glasses. And no one pulls those off better than Peko Pekoyama. Peko's hair reminds me of Sakuya Izayoi's hair (any Touhou fans here?), and it helps that Sakuya is one of my favorite characters of all time. Is now a good time to mention how I had to keep my nose from bleeding when she first showed up in a bikini? ...Let's move on. Even though Peko was stoic through most of her short time in the game, she never felt cold or uncaring at all, and genuinely seemed like a good person. I also admired how clever and quick-thinking she was, and she covered up her tracks extremely well. Like, it was scary how well she had her bases covered. Honestly, the writers had to make her drop a yellow gummy at the scene in order for Peko to be found out, because if she didn't, no one would have any reason to suspect that she killed Mahiru and Hiyoko didn't. Just like with Mikan from before, Peko's real time to shine was in her trial. I loved seeing her pretend to be Sparkling Justice, and I shed a tear or two when she said that she only wanted to serve Fuyuhiko... and seeing her die in his arms really sealed that for me. Honestly, she was a character that the writers absolutely nailed, and she was given just the right amount of development and character arcs for the short time she was given.

And yet, she's only #6.

5: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

You know what I've talked about a lot? First impressions. I discussed how Sayaka Maizono is very high on my Danganronpa list because of the huge first impression she left on me, and Leon for a similar reason. I also discussed how Twogami was rather low on this list because his first impression failed to strike me in a significant way. But Fuyuhiko? He has the dubious honor of giving me one of the worst first impressions I've ever seen. His hostile and angry dialogue was honestly really aggravating each time, and part of me was kind of hoping he killed Twogami. I was also kind of hoping he had a part in Mahiru's death, and was genuinely upset when Peko died and not him. Of course... his last interactions with Peko really did make me start to see something else in him. Then, Chapter 3 came along, and his eye was fixed... and oh boy, did he really do a 180 for me. He really began to tone down his hostile words, he actually tried to atone for the things that he did, and overall he showed a massive amount of development, in Chapter 3 alone! Seeing his soft and vulnerable side really did a lot for this character. From that point forward, he went from one of my least favorite characters, to one of my absolute favorite characters. While he wouldn't show his soft side very much from that point forward, his dialogue went from annoying to witty and funny, and someone who was a little more cynical was necessary for the game. Writing this out, I realized exactly one of the reasons I like him so much - he's like a much more likable Togami. The devil's advocate in some trials, more cynical than the rest of the survivors, and lots of fangirls. Also, his line scolding Hajime about the right time to be "pitching a tent" had me rolling in laughter. To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a character shift this much for me, so I have to give the writers serious props for Fuyuhiko.

4: Chiaki Nanami

Be honest, she's in your Top 5 too. Why? What needs to be said?! She's super cute and friendly, even from the very beginning! Her ship with Hajime is the most adorable thing in the whole world! Her depths and hidden motives are some of the most complex and tear-jerking elements of the entire game! She has a few instances where she is actually kind of funny! It's really no surprise that she is so loved in the fandom. You know how some guys will fantasize about a gamer girl who is extremely good at what she does, is super attractive, has an amazing personality, and is kind, patient, and sweet? Yeah, Danganronpa created the perfect fantasy gamer girl. Is this an appropriate time to mention that I had to pinch my nose to nosebleed when she arrived in a bikini - wait, didn't I say this already? ...Anyway I think they kinda meant to show that a person who is just that perfect can't exist in real life, because they made her someone who was never even real in the first place. Much like Fuyuhiko, she had me feeling all sorts of emotions all across the spectrum. I laughed at her "Too much information." comment during the third trial, I smiled when a ship between her and Hajime was teased, and I legitimately cried during the fifth trial. My heart skipped a beat as she was executed, but I know that I absolutely loved that she came back to give Hajime that speech in the sixth trial. You know how I said I just want to hug Asahina? Well, I want to embrace Chiaki and just hug her for a few long seconds. She really deserves it.

3: Hajime Hinata

Is this deja vu? Anyway, remember when I put Naegi as #3 on the last list? Well, what do you know? I remember when I first started watching the Let's Play of the second game, and I kinda just thought Hajime was a carbon copy of Makoto. Fun fact: I was so, so, SO immensely wrong. Naegi is awkward and a little shy, but Hajime is a lot more outgoing and outwardly confident. Remember all the things I said about Naegi? Well, it got even better with Hajime. Again, in a cast full of super talented and explosive characters, a normal person like Hajime is exactly what we needed. I can definitely relate to Hajime in many ways, but the biggest way I identify with him is that he doesn't really have any one area where he stands out, even in luck - something I feel that I can relate to him on. Overall, he seemed to show a lot more depth than Naegi as well. His internal struggle with Izuru as well as his interactions with Chiaki gave him so many levels of character that I couldn't help but fall in love with this guy. You know who else fell in love with this guy? Literally everyone else! This guy is a harem king to the max. The characters he interacts with give him their underwear, and the girls in particular seem to be coming onto him at every given moment! Look at all the times a ship between him and Chiaki is teased. But not only that, I've seen him shipped with Akane, Sonia, Mikan, Mahiru- well, every female character in that entire game save for Peko. He's just so lovable and deep as a character that I genuinely do not know how anyone could not like this character whatsoever. And this all came from someone I thought would be just like Naegi.

2: Gundham Tanaka

Be honest, you are not surprised at all. Gundham frequently tops these lists, for good reason. He's one of the most brilliantly hilarious characters in the entire game, and he has some of the most personality I've seen in a character in a long time. It's also super cute that he breeds and loves his hamsters so much. One thing that people seem to gloss over is that even though he's kind of ridiculous and funny, Gundham is actually a very clever and competent person in general. Can we acknowledge the fact that he took down Mechamaru in their only encounter, when Akane failed to do so against his human form, multiple times?! Can we acknowledge that he cleared the Final Dead Room before Nagito did, and the biggest reason he was able to do so was because of dumb luck? Can we acknowledge that the only real reason he was even figured out as the killer was because Fuyuhiko just so happened to be in the room at an inopportune time? Be real here - Gundham is super awesome. Even Sonia knows this, because she has a crush on him! And for good reason, too! He's not only hilarious and awesome, he's also surprisingly adorable. I remember going "Aw..." many different times during his appearances, like when he blushed after Sonia said he was tough, and when he moved the Four Dark Devas of Destruction out of the way of the stampede so that they were safe, and when all his animal pets flew down from the heavens. I was super distraught that he didn't make it all the way to the end, but he had an amazing run, and it's good that his hamsters are safe with Sonia. It's just too bad that that ship never ended up happening...

And the number 1 Danganronpa 2 character iiiiiiiiiiiiis....

1: Sonia Nevermind

Let's talk about first impressions again. Sonia is probably the only character in the entire game to give me an excellent first impression from her name alone. Sonia Nevermind. The name of an album by Nirvana, a band I used to be a pretty big fan of and still enjoy a bit to this day. Of course, it could have just been a coincidence... and then they say she's from a country called Novoselic. You know what the bassist's name is in Nirvana? Krist Novoselic. Yep, the reference was absolutely intentional. So, the name is awesome. What else? First, let's talk about her design. Holy crap, she is adorable! The way her eyes sparkle in some scenes, as well as her cute regal clothing, and her long cream-colored hair and that beautiful smile of hers... my goodness, she even rivals Junko in the looks department! How about personality? She's super nice and sweet to everyone she meets, even her abhorrent admirer Kazuichi! I also love that she gets more serious and tries to be the moral compass of the students after Gundham dies off. Oh, but there's more! Sonia has some of the absolute best dialogue in the entire series! "Damn it all to hell!" "I did so many indecent things on camera!" "If you got penetrated so big and thick, you would die instantly!" "This is nothing to LOL about!" "God damn it! You motherfucker!" It's all so hilarious. Also, can we talk about how she completely turns the "helpless princess" archetype on its head? It's made pretty clear that she's really tough and resilient, as she never panics even when someone has died, and she also has some military training! And let's not forget her adorable ship with Gundham! With her fascination with the occult, and his belief that he is a magical being, it would be perfect. Oh, and did you know that their Japanese voice actors are actually married in real life? Now you know! And let's not forget how excited Kazuichi is to see her in a bikini... only for her to show up in a full-body wetsuit! De-nied! Some of her dialogue has plenty of lewd undertones, but when it gets down to it, she is the anti-fanservice. With all this, Sonia stole my heart very quickly, and kept it as the game went on. Writers of Danganronpa 2, thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for keeping Sonia alive until the end!